(Temple of God Horus)
The temple of Edfu was built in the Ptolemaic era for god Horus in 237 BC
established by Ptolemy III in (237 BC) to worship the goddess Horus.
And it was completed during the reign of “Ptolemy the Thirteenth” in the first century BC.
It is considered one of the most important and beautiful Egyptian temples.

The stages of building the temple, the first origins:
The Temple of Edfu is considered the most and the greatest preserved of all the remaining temples of Egypt. It was built from sandstone in the Ramesside era on the ruins of an ancient temple and upon the advent of the Ptolemies, a new temple was built and more valuable than the old building. The ornamental work took six years and was officially opened during the reign of Ptolemy The seventh and additions were added to it after that, as the great hall with the towers was added. The last addition was during the reign of Ptolemy the Eleventh,
as construction began in it in the year 237 BC and it was completed in 57 BC.

Edfu in ancient Egypt was the capital of the second State of the Upper Egypt regions.
In ancient times, the city of Edfu was called (Edbo), which means the city of food.

edfu temple

He was called Horus Bahdati or Horus Edfu in order to distinguish between him and Horus, the son of Isis, and he was one of the ancient Egyptian deities who were worshiped in the form of a falcon, given that Egyptians were often mixed between them. It is the traditional site of the legendary battle that took place between the god Horus and the god Seth. Her first idol was the god Horus, and he was worshiped in the form of a falcon, and he was attributed to the town and called my loneliness. On its walls, she recorded the legend of the struggle between Horus and Seth, and how Horus, who represented the wing of the winged sun, defeated Sith and his associates Edfu Temple

Horus of Edfu had an excellent position in Egyptian mythology, and the god Horus took the title of the winged sun disk since the age of the Sixth Dynasty. The legend of the winged sun disk was written on the walls of the Temple of Edfu

  • This temple was built in the city (Edfu), and was dedicated to the worship of the god (Horus), and is considered the only temple that remained in its good condition.
    The king began to build it (Ptolemy III), but because of war and unrest situation, its construction continued for a 180 years

The temple begins with the great Pylon, which is 35 meters high and is represented by Two towers (Ptolemy III) slaughtering enemies, followed by an open courtyard surrounded by columns on three sides, and in the middle of it was an altar for preparing the offerings
After that, we Reach the first hall with 12 columns with floral capitals
After that, we enter the Collonade, and then we reach inside an area that diminishes the light until we reach the Holy of Holies located at the last point of the temple.

  • The Temple of Edfu is located on the west bank of the Nile River, about 1300 meters west of the Nile, and it is connected to the Nile by a small underground Nilo Meter that was used by the ancients to measure the waters of the river.