This Fortress is located at the end of Pharos Island in the far west of Alexandria. It was built in the ancient place of [(Alexandria’s Light House)],
which was destroyed in the year 702 AH as a result of the devastating earthquake that occurred during the reign of Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun.
The large number of direct threats to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire, which threatened the entire Arab region.
This castle takes the shape of a square with an area of ​​150 m 130 m surrounded by the sea on three sides.
And this castle contains the walls and the main tower in the northwest. walls divided into two, internal and external.
the internal wall contains the soldier’s barracks and a weapon store.
As for the outer wall of the castle, it includes defensive towers on the four sides that rise to the level of the wall, with the exception of the narrow eastern wall that includes defensive openings for soldiers.
The main tower in the inner courtyard takes the form of a large square castle with a side length of 30 meters and a height of 17 meters. The castle consists of three square floors and in the four corners of the tower there are semicircular towers that end on the top with prominent balconies, and these towers are higher than the main tower that includes openings for shooting arrows on two levels and occupies the floor The first, the Citadel Mosque, which consists of a courtyard, four iwans, and defensive corridors that allow soldiers to pass easily during the defense operations of the castle. This mosque had a minaret, but it collapsed recently.
the second floor contains corridors, halls, and internal rooms. The third floor includes a large room (the seat of Sultan Qite Bay)
in which he sits to see the ships on a day’s march from Alexandria, covered by a cross cellar, and on this floor, there is an oven
for preparing wheat bread, as well as a mill to grind grain for the soldiers residing in the castle.
Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghuri renewed the castle and increased its garrison. This castle was neglected during the Ottoman occupation of Egypt.